Ky. Man Behind Flight Scare

He screamed he had a bomb, terrifying dozens aboard a packed plane, as it landed in Los Angeles.

Federal agents took the Kentucky man into custody after the incident but now say he will not face charges.

Police say a northern Kentucky man scared other passengers on board an airplane flying from Brazil to LA.

The man police arrested is 45-year-old Lawrence Johnson of Ft. Mitchell.

Bruce Warrilow, another passenger, is responsible for ensuring Johnson's erratic behavior didn't go any further then a horrifying threat.

"(He was) flying down the aisle and the flight attendant was was obvious it was a very serious situation," Warrilow said.

Warrilow says Johnson screamed that he had a bomb and then started heading for the exit.

"I got between him and the door and we went down together," he said.

Johnson was escorted off the plane by FBI agents after it landed in LA.

No bomb was found on board and the latest reports out of Los Angeles are that Johnson will not be charged by the FBI.

He will instead undergo a psychological evaluation.

Passengers say the plane was only a few minutes from landing when Johnson made the false bomb threat. None of the 271 passengers on board was hurt.

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