Clark County Crime Spree Comes to an End

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A wild spree resulted in thousands of dollars of stolen goods. Now two men are charged for the crimes, and police are looking for a third person.

Police in Winchester say two men went on a rampage kicking in doors, breaking into sheds and cars, and stealing anything they could get their hands on.

Car stereos, cameras, a computer and cash are just a few of many items police say 21-year-old Ridge Wilson and 19-year-old Travis Fulz stole between Wednesday night and Thursday morning in a matter of four hours.

Police say the two broke into six vehicles, two garages, and a home.

"They didn't know anyone was home", says Detective Danny Thomas, with the Winchester Police Department.

The two even kicked in a door. Overall, they raked in thousands of dollars in items.

"Between $2,500 to $3,000 dollars", says Detective Thomas.

But it was the jacket one was wearing that someone spotted that gave them away.

"One was wearing a Chicago Bulls jacket. That jacket helped solved the case", says Detective Thomas.

Police arrested the two nearby and then found out where they had been stashing the items during the crime spree. That person, Richard Roland, who came clean to police and turned over items, has a warrant out for his arrest for receiving stolen property. And while police know where some of the stolen items came from, there's still more they now have in their possession that they're hoping people will recognize have been taken from them.

Ridge Wilson and Travis Fulz were taken to the Clark County jail. Police say they were both intoxicated during the crimes. Fulz has bonded out.

Both are charged with burglary and theft by unlawful taking. Police are still looking for Richard Roland.

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