Untested Kids Clothes Illegal To Sell

**FILE** This Nov. 22, 2008 file photo shows shoppers pushing their carts through the toy aisles at the Costco in Cranberry, Pa., Butler County. With holiday sales shaping up to be the lowest in years, possibly the worst since the industry began annual comparisons in 1969, retailers say they're taking consumers' demands for good deals seriously. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)
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During the Fall of 2008, Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act which will require clothing, toys, and accessories for children under 12 to go through extensive, federally-approved lead testing.

After February 10, 2009, it will be illegal to sell untested items. Consignment stores fear this new law will prompt thousand of store closures and job losses.

Paul Dutille, Owner of Once Upon A Child in Lexington, says, "It's difficult to comprehend that a law, in an effort to improve manufacturing, is going to put out of business thousands and thousands of stores around the country."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is working to make specific amendments to the law so that consignment stores will be able to continue selling their products.

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