Police: Baby Was Bruised From Head To Toe

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A Frankfort couple is behind bars charged with criminal abuse after their 3-month old baby boy was found with bruises all over his body.

Police say the abuse took place at their home off Crosshill Drive in Frankfort, just before Christmas.

The Commonwealth's Attorney says the child's father 21-year old John Travillian admitted to police he hurt the child.

"It looks from the preliminary medical reports that this child was bruised and battered from head to toe, litterally," said Assistand Commonwealth's Attorney, Dana Todd.

The mother 19-year old Ashley Travillian was also charged because investigators say she allowed the abuse to occur.

A neighbor of the couple who also babysits for them noticed the bruises and called police.

"It made me sick, his whole body was black and blue, I couldn't imagine the pain this child was feeling," said Nancy Day, who was babysitting for the child when she discovered the injuries.

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