US Abstains From UN Vote on Gaza Cease-Fire

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The U.S. says it supports a U.N.
resolution that calls for a cease-fire in Gaza.
But Washington says it abstained from the Security Council vote
because it is awaiting the outcome of Egyptian-mediated talks with
Hamas and Israel.
The U.N. resolution, which was passed 14-0 last night, calls for
"an immediate, durable and fully respected cease-fire, leading to
the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza."
The Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki says Israel "must
immediately implement this resolution," saying the moment they do
"Hamas will do the same."
After the vote, an intense bombardment of missiles from Israeli
jets and helicopters and a barrage of Hamas rockets indicated there
may be no quick end to the fighting.
About 760 Palestinians, at least a quarter civilians, had been
killed along with 13 Israelis in the operation.

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