Lexington Couple Accused Of Stealing Thousands From Daycare

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Police have charged a husband and wife with forging over 100 checks worth over $50,000 and cashing them all over the county.

Larry and Teresa Chowning are in the Fayette County Detention Center after police say from July to December they were stealing and cashing checks from Teresa’s work.

Police say Teresa Chowning works at The Hallis Schools Inc. preschool and daycare. Police also say she had access to the checks that were stolen.

Larry Chowning was arrested on Wednesday at the couple’s home, after officers discovered he was working with his wife to steal from the school, police came back to the home the next day to arrest his wife Teresa.

You may remember the name Larry Chowning from a tragic story that aired on 27NEWFIRST two summers ago involving a fatal traffic accident on Bryan Station. Larry Chowning’s son, also named Larry, was killed in that car wreck.

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