Barely Clothed Toddler Found In Middle Of Road

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A grandmother remains behind bars after the child she was supposed to be caring for was found wandering along a highway in Whitley County.

It happened on Sunday morning when a driver heading to church found the two-year-old boy wandering on US 25, just south of Corbin.

The boy was freezing and police say he was wearing just a T-shirt and sweat pants.

"We went door to door looking for his parents," said Whitley County Sheriff Lawrence Hodge.

Sheriff Hodge says the grandmother, 43-year-old, Brenda Garland didn't even realize he was gone.

"She was still asleep, it took several deputies pounding on her door before she woke up," said Sheriff Hodge.

Garland was immediately taken into custody and charged with felony wanton endangerment, the little boy was turned over to social services.

"We are just thankful, this man, saw the little boy, or it could have been a much different 911 call," said Sheriff Hodge.

"It was just a mistake, a rather large mistake, but we are just thankful he didn't get hurt," said Ian Henson.

Henson is staying at the home and was sleeping there as well Sunday morning when police came knocking.

"I understand the immediacy, because of the circumstances," said Henson.

He says this incident shouldn't define Brenda Garland, he says she is a great person and an even better mother.

"Bad things happen to good people too," Henson went on to say. "She is devastated and her first concern was is he ok?"

Garland is scheduled to be arraigned Monday, the little boy is doing well and is back in the custody of his mother.

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