Palestinian Rockets Still Firing as Israeli Offensive Intensifies

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Palestinian militants are still
managing to launch rockets into southern Israel, despited a
tightening Israeli cordon in Gaza.
Israeli warplanes have carried out more than two dozen
airstrikes. The army says targets include squads of Palestinian
gunmen, mortar launchers, two vehicles carrying militants and the
homes of Hamas leaders.
Israeli reservists moved into Gaza today, allowing regular
ground troops to advance toward new targets. They've been edging
closer to Gaza's most densely populated urban center.
For their part, Palestinian militants fired at least 15 rockets
today. There have been no reports of Israeli casualties, but one
rocket did hit a house in the southern city of Askelon.
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited the city a few hours later
and vowed to end the fighting only when the rocket attacks stop and
Hamas is unable to rearm.
Meanwhile, international effort to negotiate a cease-fire
continue in Egypt. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair says
"the elements of an agreement" are there, but Israel's
representative to the talks has postponed his trip to Cairo.

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