Family of Interstate Shooting Victim Demands Answers

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Her brother was shot and killed simply doing his job, gunned down on a Texas interstate. Now his family is asking for answers.

Police say a former Utah trooper, Brian Smith, killed William Scott Miller, who was a Frankfort truck driver, and another man on a Dallas interstate last month.

Recent information in the case has Miller's family asking questions.

Five days before the shooting, Southlake Police began investigating Brian Smith for a robbery and then the same day of the shootings, a Southlake Police officer says they brought him into the police department to speak with him about a burglary.

They say Brian Smith denied the charges and was let go as police worked to get a warrant.

"I want to know why they didn't hold him until they got the warrant", says Carla Mullins, the sister of Scott Miller.

Carla Mullins says until she knows the answer to that question, it's going to be hard for her family to move on.

As for the trooper involved in the shootings, Brian Smith, he later shot himself after a brief standoff with police. He later died on Christmas Eve.

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