Basket-Brawl Caught on Tape

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A basketball game is stopped because of violence in the stands. It was the game between Lee county and Lewis county this weekend in Morgan county.

Witnesses say a couple of Lee county fans were criticizing the officials for much of the game and had even been warned they would be ejected if they didn't stop. Then, after a disputed call, a Lee county player's father ran down to the court yelling at the officials. A player told him to return to his seat and other fans ushered him back.

Soon after, Kentucky State police Sgt. Bobby Motley came in, flashed his badge and stayed to monitor the situation. A few seconds later, witnesses say another fan took a swing at Motley and the melee began. Another trooper, Brian Evans jumped in to break up the fight.

After a few minutes of wrestling in the stands, witnesses say the troopers got the fans under control and escorted them out. A Lee county player also came up from the bench and got involved. School officials say he has been suspended for one game for leaving the bench.

Lee county superintendent Jim Evans says he does not condone this type of behavior and will take the appropriate action against the people involved. He says that could involve suspending them from attending athletic events for one year. The Morgan county attorney says he is aware of the incident and is reviewing the case and charges against the two men.

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