Confused Criminal Mistakes Water Company For Bank

Nicholasville police say a man walked into the South Elkhorn Water District building Tuesday afternoon armed with a gun.

Police tell 27NEWSFIRST the man showed the clerks a revolver handgun, and demanded money. Police say the clerks told the suspect that they really didn't have any money.

Police say the man responded to them "I know you have money. This is a bank."

That's when police say the clerks told the man it wasn't a bank anymore.

We're told the suspect looked around the building confused, then fled on foot with no money. Luckily no one was injured in the attempted robbery.

The South Elkhorn Water District moved into the building that was formally occupied by Farmer's Bank on the corner of South Main Street and Edgewood Drive.

Police believe the suspect mistakenly thought it was still Farmer's Bank.
He is described as a heavy set black male in his mid-thirties wearing a black parka with a brown fur trimmed hood.

Nicholasville Police are asking anyone with information about the attempted robbery to call the Nicholasville Police Department at 885-9467.

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