Clinton Vows Smart Mix of Diplmacy, Defense, Restoration of US Leadership

WASHINGTON (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton is vowing to restore
American leadership in the world, calling for Mideast strategy she
described as "smart power" and a more global diplomatic approach.
At her Senate confirmation hearing today, President-elect Barack
Obama's nominee for secretary of state said while America can't
solve the world's most pressing problems alone, neither can the
world solve them without America.
Regarding the Middle East, she said the U.S. "cannot give up on
peace." Clinton said she and Obama remain "deeply sympathetic to
Israel's desire to defend itself" against Palestinian rocket fire
from Gaza, but U.S. strategy in the region should extend beyond
that conflict.
Clinton drew praise from both Democrats and Republicans on the
panel. Sen. Richard Lugar calls her "the epitome of a big
leaguer" and says her presence could open new opportunities for
American diplomacy.
But the Indiana Republican also raised the issue of her
husband's foundation and its donors, saying the matter will require
"great care and transparency."

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