Cold Snap Causes Crowded Conditions At Hope Center

The Hope Center in Lexington is sheltering a higher number of clients due to the very cold weather.

The shelter usually serves about 200 people each night. On Tuesday, night, 224 men sought shelter and that number is only expected to rise.

The Hope Center has all staff on call if there should be a surge in people needing warmth and shelter this weekend. Grace Baptist Church has partnered with the homeless shelter as a place for overflow in the case they reach their limit.

Shelter workers stress how over-exposure to the cold could turn deadly and that the doors of the Hope Center are open to everyone needing to stay warm.

For those community members wanting to contribute to the Hope Center, you can take food, clothing, and monetary donations to 360 West Loudon Avenue.

The Catholic Action Center and Salvation Army are also taking people in out of the cold.

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