Pregnant Woman Rushes To Hospital, Home Sets Fire

Marie Raber was pregnant while cooking dinner when she started having contractions.

Her fiance rushed her to the hospital, but apparently they left the stove on which started a fire. That burned out stove sits in front of her yard today.

The medical staff at St. Joseph Hospital had already decided Marie was not ready to have the baby quite yet, when she got a distressing a message.

Raber tells us, "they were getting ready to discharge me and I had a voice mail and it was my father in a panic voice saying my home was on fire."

The last thing nurses at the hospital told her fiance, William Walker, was to keep Marie away from stressful situations as much as possible.

Walker says, "I'm very worried about her. It is a lot of stress, but I'm a happy type person. I just hope for the best."

Marie's son, Rohan, turned five years old Tuesday, and this was no way to celebrate.

"I think it's gonna be traumatic for him cause we dealt with a fire before. We lived over at Westminster Village, and the top floor caught on fire, and we had to move out of there. We lost all of his stuff then from water damage," Marie tell us.

"He calls me daddy. He's my boy. I consider him my own," Walker says.

The Red Cross put William and Marie up at the Quinta Inn Monday night, but it's going to take a lot of work to make their home livable again. The family's immediate future has a lot of question marks.

"I don't know where we're gonna stay. How do you raise a family with no home?" Marie asks. "They're putting us up for one more night tonight."

The kitchen is pretty much a total loss and smoke damage is very extensive in the living room and ceiling.

The good news is the trailer was insured and William does have a job. In these days and times to have that alone is a great blessing.

Family and friends just finished a small birthday party for the five year old at Chuckie Cheese.

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