Pentagon Official Says 9/11 Suspect Was Tortured

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Pentagon official acknowledges that a Saudi
man who allegedly had hoped to become the "20th hijacker" in the
Sept. 11 attacks was tortured.
Mohammed al-Qahtani was one of six men charged by the military
in February 2008 with murder and war crimes for their alleged roles
in the 2001 attacks.
Charges were dismissed in May.
In 2006, al-Qahtani recanted a confession and wrote that he'd
been beaten, restrained for long periods in uncomfortable
positions, threatened with dogs, exposed to loud music and freezing
temperatures and stripped nude in front of female personnel.
Susan J. Crawford tells the Washington Post al-Qahtani's
treatment "met the legal definition of torture." She says that's
why she didn't refer the case for prosecution.
Crawford is a retired judge who was appointed convening
authority of military commissions in February 2007.

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