Mother, Child Hit By Car

It was a chilling discovery along an eastern Kentucky road: a four-year old girl, wandering alone. Her mother was found, lying injured in a ditch.

The pair was hit by a car as they walked along U.S. 119 in Bell County, a few miles southeast of Pineville.

25-year-old Wendy Warren was seriously injured.

Police say a car ran into the two while they were walking alongside the road.

They are now asking the public to look for a car they say should have damage to the front, passenger side headlights.

We talked to Warren's family, who say they hope someone will come forward with information on this incident.

"We just hope someone will come forward. She's not like some dog that you can just leave lying on the side of the road to die," said Charles Deaton, the child's great-uncle.

The four-year-old was not seriously injured, but her mother was taken to the UT Medical Center in Knoxville where at last check, she is listed in serious condition.

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