Sex Offender House in Lexington

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They have no where else to go. That's why the Catholic Action Center says it's purchased a house in Lexington for convicted sex offenders. It's located on Detroit avenue, just off of Winchester road.
Ginny Ramsey of the Catholic Action Center says four men will eventually be moved into the house. She says they are not pedophiles, rather men that made bad decisions and are now trying to move on with their life with dignity. Ramsey says two of the men committed crimes involving consent.

Some residents are not very happy they're moving into their neighborhood. Eugene Ross lives across the street and says there are too many children on the street for the sex offenders to move in. "It's just too big of a risk to have them around here."

But, the Fayette county Sheriff's Office confirms the men can legally live in the house. Ramsey says there will be strict monitoring of the men, " and if they don't get jobs they will be back on the street and the Sheriff will be notified to pick them up," Ramsey says.

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