Holder Signals New Tactics in Anti-terror Fight

WASHINGTON (AP) - It's the latest signal that Barack Obama is
planning to chart a new course in the fight against terrorism.
His nominee to be attorney general, Eric Holder, today
forcefully broke from the Bush administration by declaring that
waterboarding is torture.
During his Senate confirmation hearing, he also said some
Guantanamo Bay detainees will be prosecuted in U.S. courts.
He's also pledging to make changes at the Justice Department
after Bush administration appointees were accused of making hiring
choices based on politics.
Senate questioning has touched on the pardon of fugitive
financier Marc Rich in 2001, when Holder was the No. 2 official at
Justice. Today, he says he should have studied the pardon more.
Holder adds that he has learned from the mistake and would be a
better attorney general because of it.

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