Smoking Ban Surveys Show Mixed Feelings

The results are in from a survey of a proposed smoking ban in one southern Kentucky town.

Hundreds of people were polled in Corbin restaurants about whether they support a ban or don't. Nearly 500 people filled out the surveys.

More than 200 respondents, all of them non-smokers, favored a ban.

158 smokers were against the ban, but 25 smokers said they were for it. Community Coalition officials there were 100 other surveys returned but they question the validity of those.

“We have 100 people that marked, "no," that they're non smokers, but they're opposed to the ban,” said Leah Norvell with the Corbin Community Coalition.

Officials say another sign that a smoking ban is needed were the results from an air quality tests that compared the air in restaurants in Lexington to those in Corbin.

“(It showed)that the levels in Laurel and Whitley counties were definitely dangerous levels for second hand smoke to their employees,” said Norvell.

Smokers say they believe the local government should stay out of the smoking issue.

“I just think if they ban smoking, in any way, it's against my rights,“ said smoker Jim Stewart.

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