Charity Donations Up In Cold Weather

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In the middle of this bitter cold, some big hearts are warming those in need. Donations of warm clothing and blankets are through the roof at the Hope Center and it's just in the nick of time.

When Laura Moon and her family watched our story about the Hope Center's need for coats and blankets during this cold snap, they immediately cleaned out their closets and filled up their SUV with enough items to keep several families warm this winter.

But the generosity didn't stop there. Laura's husband is Assistant Manager at JC Penney's here at the Fayette Mall.

"I mentioned it to my boss at JC Penney's, and we had a meeting with the associates there and what we've done is decide to ask for help within my store," Jesse Moon, JC Penny's Assistant Manager, said.

"We had an associates' activity fund where we had some money left over, and the associates decided that wed use that money on helping out in the community, and we had a lot of associates on their own purchase some of the things that were needed. Our company was founded on the Golden Rule. James Cask Penney founded it so we try to keep that out in front of the associates on a year round basis. But we need to look at the rest of the stores in the mall and challenge them to see what they could do," Manager Phil Cross said.

"We could use mats and sleeping bags. Yeah, big need right now," Hope Center volunteers say.

This store's donation barely fit into the Hope Center van that came to pick up the coats of all sizes.

"For kids, women and men. It's something that we all need to do during this time because times are tough. I want to challenge those at home to go through your closets and see anything that hasn't been used for a while, coats, blankets, whatever, and think for those in need," Moon said.

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