Hudson River Hero is Ex-Air Force Fighter Pilot

NEW YORK (AP) - The pilot who was able to skim the surface of
the Hudson River with his disabled jetliner has plenty of
experience with what can go wrong mid-air.
Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III is a former fighter pilot
who runs a safety consulting firm in addition to flying commercial
He has served on a board that investigated aircraft accidents
and participated in several National Transportation Safety Board
Sullenberger's wife told CNN she hadn't been watching the news
and was stunned to hear about the ordeal from her husband after it
was all over.
She says when she learned what had happened her "body started
shaking" and she rushed to get her daughters out of school.
The Danville, Calif., man became an instant hero yesterday,
earning praise from those aboard US Airways Flight 1549, from New
York's mayor and governor, and from an online fan club. Everyone
onboard survived.

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