Left Engine is Missing from Downed Plane

NEW YORK (AP) - Federal investigators say the left engine on the
US Airways jetliner that made an emergency landing in the Hudson
River is missing.
Police divers were using sonar Friday to help find the engine as
investigators brought in a giant crane, divers and a barge help
pull the aircraft from the river.
National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Peter Knudson
said it's unclear when the engine separated from the plane. He said
that will likely be solved once the flight data recorder is
Experts say it's not uncommon for engines to break apart from
planes after bird strikes, because of the severe vibration brought
on in such incidents.
In a photograph of the plane as it approached the river, it
appears to have both its engines.
The plane is tethered to a pier on a tip of lower Manhattan,
about four miles from where it touched down.
All 155 people on board survived without serious injuries, after
the accident that was apparently caused by birds that slammed into
the two engines. Investigators will focus on recovering the plane's
flight recorder.

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