Thieves Take $40K Worth Of Goods During Home Burglary

The central Kentucky Sheriff's Department is trying to solve a string of home burglaries.

As Clark County heists go, the on Waterworks Road was a biggie.

More than 40 thousand dollars worth of guns, jewelry and other items were taken, and authorities are convinced that the same thieves have hit this exact area repeatedly in recent months.

"Yes, we've had several burglaries the last 6 or 7 months out on the south and west end of the county," said Sheriff Berl Perdue, Jr.:"We feel like it's probably the same people. We've had a description of a gold colored car, a Chevy Impala, in the area on three of our burglaries."

The home was ransacked in this latest burglary in which the victims lost some items of great sentimental value.

"The victim had been collecting these guns ever since he was a young man, a child actually, and a lot of these guns were also handed down from his father and his brother, and in the same way, some of the jewelry that was taken from his wife was handed down from the family and had more sentimental value than it would monetary," Perdue said.

The burglaries along country roads have all taken place in the broad daylight of late morning or early afternoon.

"When people were at work or on the farm working, whatever, so you really don't have homes close together where they can really watch each other that closely<" Perdue said.

That's why the Sheriff is asking for anyone who sees the car in question or has any helpful information to please call his department.

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