Residents Upset About Potential New Neighbors

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The Catholic Action Center is taking heat from residents near a home the Center is managing that would house criminal offenders including sex offenders.

The home is located at 946 Detroit Avenue. It is designed to help criminals who have served their time get back on their feet and to re-integrate into society. But when neighbors heard that sex offenders would also be living there, they were furious.

During a neighborhood meeting Saturday, residents expressed their discontent with representatives of the Catholic Action Center. They said they should have been more forthcoming in keeping the neighborhood aprised of the plans for the home.

The Center says the home will not house sex offenders unless they pass through a rigorous application process that would include interviews with neighbors. There would also be no more than two sex offenders living in the home at the same time. The residents of the home would abide by strict house rules and if they break them, they will be evicted immediately.

Another neighborhood meeting will be held Saturday, January 24 at 12:30 p.m. This will be an opportunity for neighbors to meet potential residents of the home.

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