Dozens of Water Main Breaks, Thousands Without Water

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About 6,000 people in Perry County were without water Monday night and the cold weather might be to blame.

Workers in Hazard repaired about 40 water main breaks across the county. More water lines also froze over the weekend leaving the city unable to pump water for about 10 hours on Saturday.

Most of the lines are fixed, but city officials say residents need to wait for water tanks to fill up.

"That's what we would ask every customer that has water now to be conservative, not panic, and go run the bath tub full of water, because that is counter productive," says one city official.

Until all the water is flowing again, there is a boil water advisory for much of Perry County.

Areas under the Boil Water Advisory...
All of Hwy 15 to Breathitt Line
Hwy 28 to Buckhorn
All of Hwy 80 to Lost Creek, Pigeon Roost, Rowdy, Ary, Robinson
All of Hwy 476 to Bulan, Dwarf, Lotts Creek, Hardburly
Ball of Big Creek, Busy, Willard, Avawam, Brown Fork, Yerkees
Middle Fork of Maces Creek

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