Inauguration Watch Parties Held Across State

Thousands across the state gather in public schools, colleges, libraries and theaters to witness the historic events taking place Tuesday.

President Barack Obama's distinguished place in history as the first African American president of the United States holds special significance for one group of students.

Kentucky State University is the state's only historically black university. Hundreds of people showed up at the university to watch the inauguration with an equal mix of pride, hope, and optimism.

People of all ages watched the happenings in Washington, D.C.

Many schools turned on their classroom TVs, allowing students to witness firsthand the events that future students will read about in history books. Students at William Wells Elementary School in Lexington watched history being made.

Several places opened their doors to the public so they could watch the inauguration.

One of those viewing parties was in downtown Lexington at the Kentucky Theater. We're told about 600 people gathered to watch the events.

The downtown Lexington Public Library also showed full coverage of inauguration events in the library theater until 5:00 p.m. Tuesday night.

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