Home Invasion Spike

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There have been seven home invasions in just 15 days in Lexington and police have made no arrests in those cases.

Police call it an alarming number. In one case, someone was shot; in another, a woman was locked in her own bathroom.

Now, police are trying to determine if the robberies random crimes or if the suspects know their victims.

"We do believe some of these cases are connected and that the victim's knew the suspects," said Sgt. Pete Ford.

Sgt. Ford says rarely are home invasions random crimes. However every once in a while, they do involve innocent victims.

"Most of the time the people that are victimized are victimized because of who they are, what they have or what they do," Sgt. Ford said.

The suspects took everything from cash, small electronics and in several of the cases drugs.

"On three occasions, drugs have been a factor in the home invasions and it could be the case in others too," said Sgt. Ford.

The home invasions have taken place on, Rose, Willard and West Maxwell streets and on Suburban Ct., New Orleans Dr., Malibu Dr. And Kirklevington. The first one happened on January 4th and the most recent one happened on Monday January 19th.

"We just want people to remain vigilent as we investigate these crimes, and if you don't know who's behind your door, don't open it," Sgt. Ford went on to say.

He says in all seven of the cases, the suspects used the front door to gain entry, by knocking on the door, and either the resident let the suspects or opened the door to see who it was.

Police believe the suspects also may be behind other robberies around the city, including robberies of businesses.

If you have any information about any of these home invasions. Call Crime Stoppers at (887) 970-2020. You don't have to give your name and you could receive a reward.

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