Man Indicted For Killing Child

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On the same day we're learning a Lexington man charged with killing a toddler has been indicted, new details are emerging about the case.

A Fayette County grand jury indicts a man, charged with murdering a toddler.

The jury cleared the way for Leamon Wesner's case to go to trial.

According to a search warrant obtained by 27 NEWSFIRST, a total of seven items were taken from the Lexington home where a two -year- old child was found unresponsive this past November.

Among the list of items taken by police on November 25th, the day Leamon Wesner was arrested for assaulting two-year-old Jessica Nolan, is a yellow blanket with what police say appears to be blood on it.

The details were released along with police statements after talking with Wesner the day he was arrested.

On the police report, it says Wesner intentionally caused the injury and goes on to say he admitted to hitting the child.

This is a different story than the one he apparently told the toddler's mother. Police reports say Wesner told her the child fell in the bathtub, a theory the medical staff at UK disagreed with.

When Wesner was questioned by police another story came out. He told detectives his accidentally hit the child with his skateboard while attempting tricks, also he had struck the little girl with his hand twice after loosing his temper.

By the time Jessica Nolan was transported to UK Hospital, there was nothing emergency personnel can do to save her.

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