Whitley County Woman Talks About Home Invasion

A man is in jail, accused of breaking into a woman's home, searching for something to steal.

Williamsburg Police received a frantic 911 call from a woman living on Cemetery Road. She said a man broke down her door and was inside, tearing the place apart.

Jean Sammons says her 4 minutes of terror began just before 8 o’clock Sunday night.

“I could see someone banging on my window,” said the Williamsburg woman.

Sammons says that person then proceeded to break his way into her home.

“I came over here and dialed 911,” she said.

In a 911 recording obtained by 27 NEWSFIRST, Sammons is heard in a frantic whisper, giving the dispatcher the chilling details of her ordeal, all the while hunkered down in a corner, out of the burglar’s sight.

“Somebody’s at my back door, trying to break-in!” she is heard saying.

And later,

“He’s going to come in here and kill me!” she is heard telling the dispatcher.

About 4 minutes later, police showed and put a stop to the home invasion.

“He was actually in the kitchen at that time and was tampering with some kind of medication belonging to the victim,’’ Williamsburg public affairs officer Shawn Jackson.

In fact, police say Roger L. Johnson was found with chalky residue on his mouth, indicating he was likely ingesting the drugs while stealing them. But during her moments of terror, Sammons feared another motive.

“I was scared for my life, I was scared to death,” she said.

But Johnson's sister's is in disbelief over the allegations.

“I know my brother. In his right mind, he would never have done anything like this,” said Johnson’s sister, Doris Oaks.

She blames drugs and the devil.

“He's got a calling on his life. And any time a person has a calling on his life from God, the enemy, which is Satan, does try to destroy them,” Oaks said.

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