GOP Leader Seeks Obama Meeting on Stimulus Plan

WASHINGTON (AP) - A House Republican leader says the GOP is
seeking a meeting with President Barack Obama to discuss concerns
the minority party in Congress has with parts of $825 billion
economic recovery program.
House Republican Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia said Republicans
want to cooperate with the new administration, but that many facets
of the stimulus program being pushed by majority Democrats would
not create jobs.
Cantor, interviewed on CBS's "The Early Show" Thursday, said
that on the Hill, "there's a lot of discussion about ramping up
more government spending" and that Republicans are concerned about
Cantor said Republicans worry that much of the plan that
Democrats are pushing "does not stimulate the economy." He
singled out a provision for weatherizing poor people's homes,
causing it a worthy goal but saying it does nothing to create new

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