Lexington's $556 Million Wish List

In tough economic times, the city of Lexington is looking for it's own stimulus package to jump start the local economy.

The price tag is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The mayor says he wants to rebuild the city's infrastructure as part of President Obama's grassroots plan for communities.

The city's wish list is more than 500 million dollars.

Each project hopes to boost the economy by boosting the infrastructure and creating jobs, but some of them, are doing this is an unusual way.

5 jobs could be created, to clean up downtown plaques in anticipation of the 2010 Equestrian Games. That project needs $75,000.

A project at the Carnegie Center to fix windows, do painting and flooring, and heating and cooling work could create 19 jobs. That project needs $900,000.

Officials at the center say, the work could improve the overall quality of service the literacy, learning, tutoring center provides.

There are more than 125 possible economy boosting projects on the list.

Lexington isn't the only city asking for economic stimulus funds. Hundreds of other mayors also turned their lists into the federal government this week as well.

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