Extreme Cold Causes Explosions In Cars

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Thursday was a busy day at car washes with thousands of drivers trying to rid their vehicles of road salt.

Eugene Rowe, Manager at Jeff's Car Wash, says, "We're expected 800 or 1000 or maybe more today. A lot of it has to do with the salt on the vehicles, If you don't clean it off your car."

Rock salt from roads during the winter can rust or even wear away at the paint if neglected on vehicles and not properly washed off.

Employees at several car washes across Lexington have also had customers that needed the interior of their vehicle cleaned due to coke cans bursting inside.

Gene Moberly, Lexington resident, says, "I believe it! I've left stuff in my freezer before and it blows the top off!"

Sub-freezing temperatures can cause unopened cans to expand and explode.

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