Boulder Crashes Into Home

It's something you'd never expect to happen: a boulder crashing into your home.

That's just what one eastern Kentucky man found at his home in the Island Creek community of Pike County, but the homeowner says even though he's lost everything, he feels pretty lucky.

The boulder rolled down a steep hill, hitting a home.

It took out part of the kitchen, and finally landed in the bathroom, one of the first places most of us go when we wake up.

Thankfully, the homeowner had just left his house to check on his sick mom, minutes before the rock started rolling.

Right now, no one knows how or why this single rock slide started, but neighbors fear it could happen again, and maybe to them.

The Kentucky Department of Natural Resources is investigating.

Wednesday they ordered the mining company to stop all work at the site until they can assure investigators safety measures are being taken.

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