Franklin County Judge: Lawmakers Broke Law

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Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo is telling law makers to re-file laws they passed last year after the midnight deadline.

That warning came Wednesday after the courts deemed the "stopping of clocks" and passage of House Bill 79 after midnight unconstitutional. That bill was used to fund two years of highway projects.

Stumbo fears that other laws passed after the deadline could also be overturned if challenged in court, so the House Speaker wants lawmakers to re-file their laws beginning on February 3rd.

Re-filing will give legislators the chance to re-pass the laws within the proper amount of time.

Those bills that passed after midnight include House Bill 2, the latest of several far-reaching energy bills adopted by the legislature in recent years, and Senate Bill 58, which tightened the criminal penalties for those who severely injure or kill a dog or cat.

The other bills are HB 170; HB 201; HB 204; HB 369; HB 514; HB 608; HB 683; HB 704; SB 188; HJR 6; HJR 81; HJR 82; HJR 83; and HJR 130.

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