Kentuckian Gets Oscar Nomination

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It is the most coveted prize in film, and this year a Kentuckian could take home an Oscar. Among the Academy Award nominees is a Lexington native.

The first four nominees in the category of best supporting actor were all very recognizable names in Hollywood: Heath Ledger, Phillip Seymour - Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr., and Josh Brolin. Then there was a bit of a surprise when the final name announced on Thursday was Michael Shannon.

Shannon's Oscar nomination caught some by surprise only because he wasn't nominated for a Golden Globe. He was in Lexington over the Christmas Holiday and talked with WKYT's Bill Bryant about his role in Revolutionary Road with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Kathy Bates.

Shannon told 27 NEWSFIRST that he plays a character named John Givings who is a mathematics genius who has gone over the edge. He's had a nervous breakdown and he's come home to live with his mother.

Michael's acting roots go all the way back to a Lexington Children's Theater summer camp, and he would someday like to make Lexington his permanent home. He says, "I think I would like to come back here to live when I get to a point in my career that I can do that."

And that time may have arrived now that Michael Shannon's name is being mentioned with the very best actors in film.

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