Parking Lot Brawl

Two men are facing charges after a parking lot showdown in southern Kentucky. A fight broke out at the Stanford McDonald's on the U.S. 150 Bypass Wednesday night. An argument over a car blocking the drive-thru lead to gunfire right under the golden arches.

Police say a group of teens were returning a Red Box DVD and were blocking off access to the drive-thru. This upset Ronald Profitt who was trying to order food. Profitt exchanged words with the teens including 19-year old Harold Snow. The group of teens left and Profitt ordered his dinner.

However, the police say the teens came back and began fighting with Profitt. Snow is accused of hitting Profitt in the leg with a club, after which Profitt drew one of two pistols he was carrying and shot out the front tire of the teen's car.

When police got the McDonald's, they arrested both men.

Police tell 27 NEWSFIRST Profitt did have permit for the guns he was carrying. Profitt is charged with wanton endangerment. Snow is charged with first degree assault. Both men have bonded out of jail.

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