Bill Proposed To Allow Home Schoolers To Play

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A Kentucky senator has introduced The Tim Tebow Bill to the General Assembly which would allow home schooled students play on public school sports teams.

As of now, 24 states allow home schooled students to play in public sports. Kentucky is not one of them.

In 2008, there were nearly 13,000 students being home-schooled, and many of their parents would like to see their children hit the field or the court like everyone else.

That includes 14-year-old Matthew Liversedge and his brother 11-year-old Johnathon, who are home-schooled in their Jessamine County home.

"We're certainly covering all the required subjects," said Lori Liversedge, the boy's mother.

She and her husband, Stephen, have been homeschooling, Matthew and Johnathon for two years now.

"We've already sent two kids off to college. We know how fast these years go by, and home schooling allows us to get the maximum time with them," she went on to say.

The only thing missing, is the opportunity to play on the public school sports teams with their peers. Kentucky Senator Jack Westwood has introduced the Tim Tebow Bill which would allow homeschooled students to participate on sports teams in the public school district where they live.

"A Tim Tebow calibur of young man, we have them in Kentucky and who knows they may be homeschooled," Jessamine County Athletic Director, Charlie Temple said.

"There's a lot of things that really need to be worked out, before I can really comment on how it might affect our schools and students," said Temple.

Temple says he is in favor of the bill as long as it's fair for both the home schooled students as well as the students in the Jessamine County Public School System.

The Liversedge's say they just want to provide their kids with all of the opportunities possible.

"We just want them to be able to excel in all areas of their lives, and this would just be another opportunity they didn't have before," said Stephen Liversedge the boys' father.

Senator Jack Westwood says he hopes the bill will come up for discussion this session.

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