Senate OKs Several Obama Nominees, Waits on Others

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama's Cabinet is getting
full but his picks for attorney general and deputy defense
secretary remain mired in questions over interrogation methods and
A hearing on Eric Holder's nomination to head the Justice
Department has been delayed until Tuesday to await Holder's views
on interrogation methods used on detainees.
Meanwhile, Obama's nomination for the No. 2 official at the
Pentagon slowed as lawmakers considered whether William J. Lynn III
might require an exemption from the administration's own lobbying
rules. He's been a lobbyist for Raytheon, a major military
On Day Two of the new administration, the Senate unclogged a
series of nominations and scheduled a vote for Monday to confirm
Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary, one of six Cabinet posts
still unconfirmed.
Republicans say the delays are all about getting information,
not flexing muscle.

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