New Construction At Old Apartment Site

Lexington Mayor Newberry and the housing authority have broken ground on several apartment buildings on the old Bluegrass Aspendale site.

Today, the mayor announced that the site, off East 6th St. will be home to 53 new apartment buildings thanks to an investment of more than $19 million dollars.

Our Denny Trease has more.

There will be room for 176 families in the new developments which HUD officials say will be a testament to the Lexington Housing Authority which is simply more effective than many other housing authorities around the country.

Krista Miller with the U.S. Office of HUD says, "often times around the country, we've had trouble getting these projects off the ground, and that can be leadership, it can be lack of cooperation from the city and the housing authority, but that's not the case here in Lexington. they do an extraordinary job."

The face of affordable housing in Lexington is changing in a way that every resident can be proud of.

Austin Sims, with the housing authority says, "we have attempted to change the face by ridding ourselves of all the red brick row houses where when you drive down the street, no matter what city you're in, you say, ah, there's public housing. We should be able to be creative and still have affordable housing. We can build buildings, but it takes people to make a neighborhood."

Raymond Wright is one of those people who live in this new neighborhood.

"I like it. It's quiet. Nice neighborhood and stuff around us and everything is so peaceful, even got a school over here."

Local government contributed $6 million in local tax dollars plus 48 lots to build this new housing.

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