On Court Day, Accused Husband Killer Stays At Florida Vacation Home

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The family of a man gunned down in his own home want to know why the accused killer is now spending time at her Florida vacation home instead of appearing in court today.

The end of January can be the perfect time to plan a vacation... but the family of Carl Bartley, a man shot and killed in 2007, take exception when a woman they say is currently on vacation is the same woman indicted for Bartley's murder.

The commonwealth's attorney, Keen Johnson, says as far as he knows Bartley is in Florida but that's not the answer Sandy Ballard and the rest of the victim's family wanted to hear.

Pam Bartley, the woman indicted for murder, is out on a 100 thousand dollar cash bond. Johnson says a few months ago the vacation home in Florida, she shared with her husband Carl Bartley, was damaged by a storm and she had permission from a judge to travel there and fix it but the attorney doesn't know why she's still there.

A question Ballard was expecting the attorney to ask in court today but the issue of where Bartley is was never brought up. Instead they scheduled a trial date.

off camera, the commonwealth attorney told me Bartley has until February first to return to the commonwealth, saying he'll be looking for a warrant for her arrest if she's not back on time.

Bartley's trial is set for the middle of July.

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