Woman Dies After SUV Rolls Over Her

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A Mt. Sterling woman is dead after a tragic accident in which she was crushed by her own vehicle.

It all happened at about 2:30 Saturday afternoon on Jamie Ridge Drive in Mt. Sterling. Witnesses say 34-year-old Shay Greene had pulled up to her friend's home with her friend's two-year-old son whom she often babysat. She got out of the car and while the boy was still inside, the car started rolling backwards. Authorities believe the child might have knocked the car out of the park position.

Greene and her friend's boyfriend managed to get the boy out of the car but Greene tried to stop the car. It rolled into a deep ravine across the street from the home and landed on top of her. Fire crews had to use air bags to hoist the vehicle off of Greene. She was pronounced dead a short time later at St. Joseph's Hospital in Mt. Sterling.

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