Missing Woman

She hasn't been seen in several days, and her family wants to know where she is and if she's in trouble.

27-year-old Nicole Van Zant went missing on Monday, and a promising lead came up empty today (1/24).

Last night, authorities got an anonymous tip telling them they should search the area around Donaldson's Rock overlooking Frenchburg.

The Sheriff's Department was told it was a place Nicole like to go for walks, but there was no sign of the woman there today.

The family says they have information that she was seen in a car with a male friend with whom she seemed to be arguing with. Nicole got out of the car that frigid day and hasn't been seen since.

Meanwhile, friends continue to pass out fliers with a picture and information on Nicole Van Zant as law enforcement asks for for help from the public.

Already a neighbor is claiming she witnessed a physical altercation between Nicole and the same male friend earlier this week.

But right now, authorities are no closer to finding Nicole Van Zant.

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