Robbers Throw Bleach On Clerk Caught On Tape

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Police need your help to Identify four criminals, one who may have used bleach to try and blind a clerk while robbing a Lexington convenience store.

Surveillance video shoes a man walking into the Winburn Convenience Store on Winburn Drive wearing a bandanna over his face. He's followed closely by what appears to be two other men and a woman.

A man dressed head to toe in black goes straight for the clerk behind the counter throwing something in his face. Today a fellow employee tells us it was a cup of bleach that was tossed in his face.

That's not all according to a store worker, out of the view of the surveillance camera another employee is standing next a to soda cooler, he too has bleach thrown at him most of which still stains the mirror above.

The four people are in and out the store in a matter of seconds, enough time to grab what they can of the cigarettes above the counter.

The man who had the bleach thrown in his face gets up to follow them and watches as they run away. We've learned today from a fellow employee the victim's eyes are damaged but he's expected to recover.

Meanwhile police continue to look for the four people responsible.

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