Snow Emergency Issued for Lexington

Mayor Jim Newberry declared a Stage One Snow Emergency, effective 10 p.m. Monday night.
The Stage One Snow Emergency requires motorists to move vehicles parked on designated snow emergency routes. The affected roadways are marked with “Snow Emergency Route” street signs.

“We don’t know what the evening is going to bring in terms of accumulation, but the National Weather Service is predicting ice and snow,” Newberry said. “We need to be able to plow snow routes and that requires that parked vehicles be moved. It’s easier and safer for citizens to move their vehicles before the precipitation begins.”

If vehicles are not moved by 10 p.m. today, they may be towed. Vehicle owners may retrieve their towed vehicles by calling the Police Reports Desk at 258-3563.

The snow emergency order remains in effect until it is lifted by the Mayor.

City road crews have been on 12-hour shifts since 8 a.m. Currently they are salting priority streets and roads. Salting will continue through the night and plowing will take place as needed on priority streets and roads.

The current Snow and Ice Plan, which identifies priority routes and provides more information on a snow emergency declaration, is available on city’s website at

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