Temporary Halt In The Search For Missing Hunters

GILBERTSVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky's approaching winter storm has caused officials to temporarily halt the search for two young duck hunters lost in Kentucky Lake more than two weeks ago.

Marshall County Emergency Management Director Melissa Combs says emergency workers and volunteers have been searching for the hunters every day since their small boat sank 17 days ago. But Combs says a winter ice and snow storm that forecasters have said will make travel hazardous and could cause power outages means the workers and emergency equipment may be needed elsewhere in the county.

The workers and volunteers have been searching during daylight hours for 18-year-old McKenzie Stanley and 17-year-old Jacob Scott,
who were duck hunting on Jan. 10 when their small boat sank. A companion, 18-year-old Trevor Williams, died, but a fourth hunter in the boat, Tyler Heathcott, was rescued near shore.

Combs says the search will resume as soon as the weather clears,
possibly before the end of the week.

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