Scott County Dealing With 4 Inches Of Snow

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It seems the further north you go in Kentucky, the more snow you'll see.

In some parts of Northern Scott County, people had as many as 4 inches of snow, but a layer of freezing rain has been falling on top.

Salt trucks are out in full force in Scott County dealing with what Mother Nature continues to bring.

Many drivers got caught in the slush; some ran off the road completely. Police say they had several accidents along I-75, but fortunately, most weren't too serious.

Some folks scraping their parked cars in the driveway compared the accumulating ice to that of the ice storm back in 2003.

Folks with Al's Landscaping have been busy since two Tuesday morning trying to stay ahead of the storm by keeping several commercial parking lots clear.

As they were pushing some of the snow, they say the transmission in their truck blew.

Scoot County dispatchers are asking people who live in the area to be careful and not to hit the road unless they have to.

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