Snow Emergency Declared

It seems Lexington is the dividing line for the winter weather. There's more snow north of us, more ice as you head south.

That's left Lexington with a mixture of both.

The city is under a snow emergency right now. Mayor Newberry made that declaration at 10:00 Monday night.

Police started towing cars still parked in snow routes Tuesday morning so road crews can get plows down the streets. Snow emergency routes are clearly marked with signs.

"Due to the likelihood of the weather pattern continuing to bring snow and freezing rain into Wednesday, we need to keep parked vehicles off of our main roads so our snow plows can work effectively," Newberry said at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

Vehicle owners may retrieve their towed vehicles by calling the Police Reports Desk at 258-3563.

The Snow Emergency Order remains in effect until it is lifted by the Mayor.

City garbage pick-up was suspended this morning because of the weather. Garbage pick-up will resume when weather permits.

The city has road crews working around the clock to keep roads clear. Road crews continue to plow and salt city streets, working on 12 hour shifts. Currently, the city has approximately 30 trucks on the roads.

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