Blood Center Issues Emergency Appeal

An unexpected result of the winter weather is a critical shortage at the Kentucky blood center.

Bad weather has forced the cancellation of several blood drives and really put a dent in the number of people coming in to donate.

On Monday, the blood center issues an emergency appeal for blood.

That shortage has now reach critical levels. Transfusions at hospitals have not slowed, while donations continued to plummet.

"We're not restocking the shelves as fast as we need," said Bill Reed, KBC President & CEO. "The blood donor center is open, regardless of the weather. We encourage those who are able to come to donate blood immediately."

Blood center officials say its supply of red blood cells in down by 650 units, that's at least two days worth of donations.

All blood center locations are open for people to walk in and give. Appointments can also be made online or by calling 800-775-2522.

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