State Of Emergency In Madison County

Thousands of people in Madison County are without power and part of the county is under a boil water advisory because of the winter storm.

States of emergency have been declared in Madison County, the city of Richmond and the city of Berea.

Shelters have been set up at the Church on the Rock at 1049 Richmond Road in Berea and at White Hall Elementary on Lexington Road in Richmond.

The Richmond location was later shut down because of a power outage, so folks in Richmond were transferred to a building at EKU.

Anyone who needs a warm, safe place to stay can shelter at those locations.

Because of the widespread power outages, many water districts are under a boil water advisory. Customers in Industrial Park, Duncannan Lane and the Kingston-Terrill area including the new Golden Leaf subdivision are being asked to boil water for three minutes.

Every water customer in the county is being urged to conserve water. Power is out at pump stations, so there's a limited amount of water.

If you have an emergency, call the following numbers:

Madison County Emergency Operations Center

Clark Energy

Blue Grass Energy

Kentucky Utilities

Do not call 911 unless it is a life-threatening situation.

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