Specter Says He'll Support Holder for AG

WASHINGTON (AP) - Eric Holder's confirmation as the first
African-American attorney general seems assured now that he has a
key Republican's vote of confidence.
Sen. Arlen Specter, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary
Committee, says he'll support confirmation. The committee is
scheduled to vote today to report the nomination to the full
The Pennsylvania senator says Holder will have "significant
Republican backing."
No Republican has come out against Holder. However, several
criticized him sharply for his role in some pardons by former
President Bill Clinton. They also disapproved of his failure to
recommend an independent counsel's investigatwrong signal to passengers
and make it harder for flight attendants to enforce safety
Deborah Crowley, president of Spirit's flight attendants union
chapter, said in a statement that "turning flight attendants into
walking billboards is unacceptable."
The union also said it found some of Spirit's advertisements to
be sexist and demeaning.
A telephone message left with a spokeswoman for the
Miramar-based carrier was not immediately returned.

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